I had severe, chronic lower back pain when I first went to see Natalie. Within just a few treatments I felt incredible relief, and have been that way for several years now with just a few flare-ups due to overexertion. In addition to the back pain, I visited Natalie over the course of two years for various other treatments. Unfortunately I had to leave her care when I moved out of state, and I haven't been able to find another acupuncturist I like half as well! 

What I enjoyed about Natalie is that she cared for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Because I was open to meditation and "centering" she took time to work with me in that area, and I have made use of her tips and suggestions to this day.

I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough!


Natalie is such a caring and wonderful practitioner. Every time I come to her for a treatment, I leave feeling wonderful, relaxed, and that I have truly been attended to and cared for! From digestive issues, to anxiety and stress, Natalie has always been able to work with me and resolve any issues I might have. I recommend her highly!


Going to see Natalie Knight for Acupuncture treatments is always a pleasure for me. I feel relaxed, pampered, paid attention to and most of all genuinely cared about my Natalie. 

I recently had a small micro tear in my right knee. Within six treatments and some Chinese herbs, my knee was completely healed and I happily left for Colorado to do some hiking. 

I highly recommend Natalie as a true healer in many ways. Her skills as a Acupuncturist are excellent, her caring is unique and healing in itself and I loved and appreciated the ways she weaves in spiritual healing practices during her sessions.